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For those of you with a love of offshore fishing, Yamaha announced the newly designed F350 4.3L outboard motor will be made available to the public in Spring 2024. The newly designed motor joins an already impressive family line of Yamaha outboard motors, but is designed to meet customer's demands for horsepower, legendary performance and superior reliability.

The F350 merges all the best tech from Yamaha's full line of outboards with some impressive tech of its own. The result is a perfectly balanced, deep breathing V6 that delivers jaw-dropping power and the best power-to-weight in its class, by more than 65 pounds. The base motor with a 25" shaft weighs approximately 629 pounds and delivers an astounding 11:1 compression ratio to create jaw-dropping power in an incredibly light design.

It is compatible with Helm Master EX and digital controls and a range of gauges and props to suit your needs for performance, control and data display. It can also operate with Siren 3 Pro to bring advanced monitoring and convenience capabilities as part of Yamaha's Connected Boat infrastructure.

The F350 4.3L will be equipped with 25", 30" or 35" shafts. Available in Yamaha gray, pearlescent white or new classic white, the 4.3L V6 F350 is the new knockout offshore.

For further information, please call or visit our facility.

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